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homeschool on purpose

In this class I'm happy to help you take care of those nuts and bolts so you have more time to focus on things like reading aloud to your kids, fun excursions to the museum without feeling guilty you're not following the lesson planner, and really just soaking up the joy that this homeschooling gig can offer when you're not stressed out about where you misplaced the test score sheets.

What we'll cover:

  • Setting up a lesson planner that works for you. We'll talk about lots of planners from a simple notebook to an elaborate binder and how to find what works for you. We'll also talk about what a planner needs to keep things straight.
  • Planning your homeschool year. Not in a scary, intimidating way where you'll be planning out what day you'll be doing math lesson 36, but an overview of the year. It's more of a well managed plan rather than a micro-managed one.
  • We'll talk about our daily routines and what we need to plan for and what we need to leave room for.
  • Creating a master homeschool binder was one of the smartest things I did for my homeschool. It's like a walking file cabinet where everything I need is stored. Get details on how to create your own in this lesson.
  • Lastly, we'll talk about setting up your homeschool space, why any space can work, what I look for when finding a space in my home, and how to use what you have to create the best possible scenario for your homeschool set-up.

Course Details: This course includes five lessons.  Each lesson includes a video with an accompanying lesson sheet with loads of notes, space for you to jot your own, and tons of links to more information.  Print these off and jot some notes while you watch along.  These also include links to more information on the subject and to book references I talk about in the videos.  Everything is pre-recorded for you. It's a self-paced course, so you can go through the material at your leisure.

Who is this course for?  This course is for homeschool parents that are tired of focusing so much on the organization of their homeschool, and not so much on their children and the fun they could be having instead of organizing. It's for parents who need to set up some simple systems to keep things straight. Whether you are good at organizing or need some nudging along, you will find great advice in this content.

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