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The Peaceful Preschool: A course designed to help you make the most of the preschool years, created by Jennifer Pepito.

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The preschool years are full of wonder, and yet many families miss the best hours of the day, when they send their 3-5 year olds away from home to prepare them for school. If you have been longing to keep your child in the peaceful environment of home for these early years, and yet fear that they will not be prepared for school, this course will help you overcome your fears and develop a plan for preparing them well.

  meet jen

jen profileJennifer Pepito is the mother of seven children, who she has homeschooled from the beginning. Her oldest daughter is an honors student at a local university, and her oldest son will graduate from high school this year with an Associate of Arts degree, earned at a community college while a homeschool student. When she discovered that her second daughter had learning disabilities, she became an avid student of child development, learning from innovators and researchers such as Carol Stock Kranowitz, Jane Healy, Maria Montessori, Kim John Payne, and Charlotte Mason. She is a regular contributor for the Wild and Free homeschool community, and has been published in several online journals and print articles. Caring for young children was one of the best seasons of her life, and she longs to help other mothers enjoy this quickly fleeting season of life.

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 course details

This course will give you the tools to develop a family vision, brainstorm a schedule or rhythm for your days, and then develop a year long preschool, designed to give your child a love for literature. In this, a multi-sensory approach to learning, you will gain ideas for developing learning activities and a healthy learning environment.

 Course Overview1

Session One: Introduction to preschool at home.

 Session Two: Developing a peaceful learning environment.

-setting up a school space for preschoolers
-how to set up a lovely learning environment
-creating a structured and beautiful space and why both are important

Session Three: Gathering your supplies.

-what you'll need to preschool at home
-how to organize your supplies

Session Four: Creating a vision for your family and for your child’s education.

-dreaming together as a family and setting goals together
-visualizing your days and weeks

Session Five: How to cultivate a peaceful daily rhythm.

-habit forming for kids
-how to handle chores
-what is Circle Time and how to create one
-spending time outdoors
-and more!  

Session Six: Solving problems as they arise.

Session Seven: Moms in action. How preschool happens in other homes.

-Guest moms share their preschool ideas and solutions

Guest Mamas


LeeAnn Gyori is a lover of Jesus, wife and homeschooling mother of five. She has a passion for
Kingdom living, and taking others along for the ride. One of her favorite parts of that ride is
teaching and encouraging her children.
Liz Quick is a stay-at-home mommy raising four wonderful kids with her hard-working hubby .
She enjoys the simple life: planting gardens, playing in the dirt. and teaching her children.
Alicia Hutchinson is homeschool mama to four kids, ages 14, 10, 8, and 3. She loves teaching her kids, reading, learning about history, and exploring her city, Minneapolis.

 you'll receive

  • Many videos packed with content to help you on your preschool journey
  • The Peaceful Preschool, a downloadable book to accompany this course
  • An alphabetized book list of favorites for your preschooler
  • A book list for further reading and exploring for parents
  • Supply list
  • Checklist for school readiness
  • Weekly planning pages and check lists
  • Sample preschool plans
  • Recipes
  • Ideas for when problems arise
  • Guest mamas of preschoolers
  • Bonus! Spring Unit Study designed just for preschool-aged children
  • and so much more!



This course will help you gain the confidence you need to nurture your preschooler in the peaceful environment of home. You will save hundreds of dollars on tuition fees, as well as giving your child a rich early education experience, that will help develop in them the foundation they need to thrive. Through stories and hands on learning, your child will learn about the world, and with a timeline that respects their natural development, they will flourish.

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