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Young Poets Society is a poetry course with a twist! By merging poetry + art, your young poet will have the opportunity to watch their words come to life on paper. Watch as they find their poetic voice and create tiny masterpieces to showcase their work! Or join in the fun with them... even though Its geared for elementary aged students, Young Poets Society was designed with homeschool families in mind.... providing the opportunity for all ages to be a part of the learning fun.

The Young Poets Society : A course for budding writers from all writing backgrounds, and is designed to spark creativity and a love for reading and writing poetry.

Created by Elena McCoy
Poetry is often, unfortunately, seen as a daunting task or even, more simply, a requirement needed to be fulfilled for educational purposes. I remember feeling that way as an elementary student tasked with the job of writing a poem about "a farm animal" as my homework assignment at the age of 7... that being my only instruction. I remember spending most of that night in tears and looking back on that moment I sometimes wonder how I ended up majoring in English when I entered college. I was blessed however, to be assigned wonderful, gifted teachers along the way with a love for the written word- literature, poetry, etc. and that was contagious! When I became a homeschool mom, I really wanted to spark that same love for poetry and the written word in my children, and this course is a reflection of the approach I take in our own homeschool. I guess, in many ways it is the course that the discouraged  7 year old me would have longed to have been exposed to. In this course, I have created fun, attention-grabbing lessons and activities that will not only be entertaining to do, but also provides an organic pathway for your child to find their writer's voice... without feeling discouraged, because poetry is too beautiful a thing to shed tears over... unless it is because the sheer power of it has moved you!

Meet Elena

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Elena McCoy is an adventure loving mama to 4 children, who is what she considers herself an "accidental homeschooler". After her oldest son was discouraged by his teachers from learning to read in preschool, she decided to withdraw him and teach him to read herself. After nearly 5 years homeschooling and 2 successful (and voracious!) readers, there is no going back! She is a firm believer that children should have a voice in their own education, and her homeschool reflects a very student-led style. Elena has a Bachelors Degree in English from the University of North Carolina Wilmington and has been published in various publications and journals ranging from poetry and short story selections to photography. You can also find her behind the scenes helping provide behind the scenes support to the awesome Learning Well community as the Social Media Manager. Her greatest hope is that she can provide a safe, fun and supportive place for children to learn, and be successful young writers!

Young Poet's Society Course details:

Session 1: Introduction to Poetry
                   What is Poetry?
                    - Definition
                    - Parts of a Poem
                    - Characteristics of a Poem
3 Types of Poetry
Session 2: Acrostic Poetry
                  - Definition
                  - History of Acrostic Poetry & Examples
                  - Session Project
Session 3: Autobiographical/Biographical Poetry
                   - Definition
                   - History of Autobiographical Poetry
                      & Examples
                   - Session Project
Session 4: Concrete Poetry
                    - Definition
                    - History of Concrete Poetry  +
                       Examples/Uses for Concrete Poetry
                    - Session Project

Course includes:

  • A course packed with videos, images and instructional materials to help you navigate and Instruct your Young Poets.
  • Young Poets digital resource pack that includes helpful and fun tools to help get your child's writing wheels turning!
  • Step- by- step guides for each Session Project
  • Art Supply List for each session
  • Poetry Examples for each Session
  • Book List for further independent poetry reading
  • "Personal Favorites" a personal compilation of some of Elena's (and her kiddos) favorite poems.
  • * * Bonus**  Write and Recite poetry project!!
 Course begins: January 30th, 2017
Recommended ages: Elementary kids

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