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Want to teach your kids more about American government but you don’t know where to start? Are you confused yourself?

Ya, most of us are! There’s a lot to learn about how our great country’s government works. So many of us want to teach our kids about the in’s and out’s of American government be we don’t know where to start because most of us are pretty foggy about it ourselves. This course is designed to help the everyday citizen learn all about their government. It’s a video based e-course that you can access right from your desk.

Before we talk about all the details though, let me introduce you to the creator of this course.


meet rachel

IMG_1486     Rachel Reeves has an insatiable interest in history and all things politics and American government. She loves teaching her three children at home, watching presidential debates, and collecting old photographs. Rachel is mama to three girls, wife to Sean, and lives in California.






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In the DECLARATION! Learning E-Course, “Foundations in American Government,” students will receive a self-paced primer overview on the historical documents that guide our nation and their profound impact on the branches of government, elections and the political process

Section One:

  • Overview of the Declaration of Independence
  • The Constitution and Bill of Rights
  • the different types of government

Section Two:

  • Overview of the three branches of government

Section Three:

  • Overview of Presidential elections
  • candidate qualifications
  • political parties
  • caucuses vs. primaries
  • electoral college and conventions

Section Four:

  • Overview of “moving” into the White House
  • Presidents daily responsibilities

Section Five:

  • Presidential trivia and pop quiz!

Also included:

  • Downloadable student notebook with notes and activities to accompany each lesson.
  • Tons of ideas and resources to dig deeper into the study.
  • A huge book list to add great literature as well.
  • Maps and video links for more exploring and visual guidance.
  • This courses is designed for kids around 7 and up. You can make is as difficult as you see fit for different students.

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This e-course would be a interactive and self-paced way to introduce the basics of American Government to any student!

  • It provides overview of fundamental concepts and historical events that created the framework for the beginning of our nation’s democracy and the structure that currently governs our country.
  • This e-course supplies the instructor with thorough book and online resource lists – allowing supplementation for a extremely diverse and robust introduction to this topic.
  • Learn as a family and adjust the lesson’s difficulty depending on the ages of children.
  • Plus, it’s fun!

Can’t wait to see you in class!

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The price for this e-course is currently $19, the early bird discount! On April 18th, the price will be $24. The course will open on April 25th and you will gain access at that time. 

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Declaration! Foundations in American Government