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So you’ve made the big decision to begin homeschooling. Now what? What’s step one? How do you know what to cover in your homeschool? What forms do you have to fill out? What’s be best curriculum to buy? How do you know if it’s “working” or not?

I can remember so vividly that feeling of shaky knees when I first started telling people we weren’t enrolling our son for his 1st grade year of school. It was almost a question…”No, we haven’t signed him up for first grade…we’re going to…we’ve decided to…homeschool?”

I was overjoyed to begin but I didn’t have the faintest clue HOW to do it!

My two close friends who had homeschooled became an immeasurable wealth of knowledge. I picked their brains and scoured their shelves of books.

Then there were the hours-upon-hours of internet searches and reading anything I could get my hands on.

But the burning question took a lot of time to answer: WHAT do I do first!?!

There almost nothing so exciting for me as when I talk with a mama who’s just made the decision to homeschool. The anticipation is contagious! But I see in her that she has the same question I did: What do I do first!?

And I wonder if you have that same burning question too.

You, wide-eyed mama, are the reason I created this.

Rookie Homeschooler’s Masterclass

This class was created for the mama who:

  • Just pulled her child from public school and doesn’t know where to begin.
  • Is excited to homeschool but still doesn’t know where to begin.
  • Feels a tad forced into homeschooling because of life/family/seasonal circumstances and she doesn’t know where to begin.
  • Has children who are resisting the new decision to homeschool and she doesn’t know where to begin.
  • Is afraid she’s going to fail and doesn’t know where to begin.
  • Has read a TON of homeschooling information but STILL doesn’t know where to begin.

If you are nodding along as you read that list, this course is for you. You might be feeling anxious and nervous and most of all: OVERWHELMED right now, but by the end of this 5-lesson masterclass, you’re going to feel calm and confident and ready to BEGIN!

Here’s what we’ll cover in the Rookie Homeschooler’s Masterclass:

  • Forming the Homeschool Mindset. We’ll talk about making that shift from our memories of public school; the brick and mortar building, rows of desks, and classes on a timer to something completely different and amazing: school at HOME! 

Next we’ll find your personal homeschooling style–even though you’ve never done it before! We’ll talk about personality types, your strengths and weaknesses and how your children learn.

Then we’ll move onto something we all want to know: WHAT SUBJECTS TO COVER!?! We’ll talk about finding resources based on the style that we discovered in Section Two. 

Fourth, we’re going to nail down your new rhythm and routine for your new homeschool venture, but we’re going to work with how your family already lives. We’re not going to recreate the wheel here, we’re going to learn how you already roll and add in homeschooling to that mix!


And lastly, you’re going to begin with confidence! 

Planning Class includes:

  • Five complete lessons for getting started on your homeschool journey
  • Notes for each lesson
  • Exclusive Bonuses to accompany the class
  • Special messages from homeschool moms with loads of experience
  • Access to a members only Facebook group
  • And mostly: The calm and confidence you are craving to get started in homeschooling!

By the end of this masterclass,

  • You’re going to be able to choose curriculum for your first year
  • know what your days are going to look like
  • learn a little more about yourself
  • get a bucketful of encouragement
  • know what Department of Education forms need to be filled out
  • start planning your first homeschool year with excitement!

We’re going address the fears you have, head-on and gain the confidence you need to be a happy homeschool mama.





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You’ll have lifetime access to this course, so don’t worry about rushing.

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WEBINAR FRIENDS: Rookie Homeschooler's Masterclass