ProductLEARNING WELL: An Essentials Course in Homeschooling

Are you a new homeschooler that hasn’t a clue where to start this new gig? Are you not quite a rookie, but you definitely don’t feel like you’ve gotten all the building blocks stacked correctly? Have you been homeschooling for a while, but the happiness has waned and you need some fresh inspiration to take on a whole new direction? If you answered yes to any of these, than this course is just what you need.

Learning Well is a course designed for homeschooling parents of all walks of life, in all stages in the journey. Homeschooling is my passion! I want you to succeed at this and keep going! But let’s just be honest–homeschooling is HARD! The weight of your child’s education resting on your shoulders when life demands so many other things from us as well is a HUGE thing to carry. But it doesn’t have to be a burden on our backs and it shouldn’t feel like a drudgery each day for you OR your kids. I want to help you love this homeschooling gig, because there is SO much joy to be found in the every day!

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What we’ll cover (and it’s a lot!):

  • We’ll hear from several mamas on how they made the decision to homeschool and why they continue to do it
  • The basics on how to get started homeschooling if this is your first year or if you never were quite sure from the beginning!
  • Homeschool styles and why it’s important to get a grasp of what they are
  • Classical homeschooling, Charlotte Mason, unschooling, unit study schooling, and more
  • Choosing curriculum that fits your style of teaching and your children’s style of learning
  • We’ll talk about learning styles and how as home educators we can tap into that potential your child has by better understanding how they learn
  • How to set up a fun and functional school room or area in your home for learning
  • We’ll get tours from real home homeschool mamas of their fabulous (and very real) homeschool spaces
  • We’ll talk to five different homeschool moms and see exactly how they teach their favorite subjects. Subjects like science, writing (for young kids and older kids), language arts, history, and more
  • Literature! Why it’s so important and how to incorporate it into your everyday
  • Tons of ideas on how to enhance your reading experience with your kids
  • You’ll hear some fantastic advice from a veteran homeschooling mom that homeschooled her two girls all the way through high school
  • We’ll get down and dirty on some of the nitty gritty problems that arise in your school AND your home and we’ll talk about different ways, from different mamas how to solve these day-to-day issues


MOST importantly, you’re going to watch over 20 videos that will encourage you, equip you, inspire you, and inform you–and cheer you on to KEEP going!! You’re doing awesome!!


What you’ll get when you sign up for Learning Well e-course:

  • Besides all the knowledge and inspiration you’re going to walk away with, here’s some other goodies you’ll receive:
  • 20+ quality videos of amazing homeschool mamas that are in the thick of it right along with you
  • A copy of my “Mrs. Hutchinson’s Homeschooling Basics” e-book
  • A printable classroom notebook with over 50 pages of more information, places to take notes, and planning pages
  • The notebook also includes printable book lists and other organizing printables to help you get organized in your homeschool
  • Immeasurable advice from homeschooling mamas that understand and want to help make your homeschooling journey a success!
  • and much more!!

Learning well (1)Here’s some sneak peeks of the course and what others think about it!

Learning Well Sneak Peek from Alicia Hutchinson on Vimeo.


Hi! I’m Alicia Hutchinson and I created the Learning Well course in 2015 because I am passionate about homeschooling and teaching others about it! I have four kids: two boys and two girls–preschool to high school and we’ve been a homeschooling family for more than 10 years.

I created this site, Learning Well Community, not because homeschooling is all flowers and unicorns and everyone should do it, but because I know how hard it is! Juggling all the things: each kid and their own needs, state requirements, home needs, having a job, being a wife, making meals–this is hard stuff, ladies! I get it and I know what it’s like and I also don’t want you to give up. It might be hard, but it’s also SO amazing too. Let’s stick with it! Let’s stick together!

I hope you’ll join us on this journey of Learning Well together!


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LEARNING WELL: An Essentials Course in Homeschooling