ProductStudying Under the Masters: Vincent Van Gogh

Studying Under The Masters | Vincent Van GoghStudying Under the Masters: an online course for teens and adults

Come and study under Vincent Van Gogh as we dive into art history and art techniques that helped define his own creative style. We will explore sketching, mark making, pen and ink, charcoal, portraits, painting, sculpting and more. This course is geared towards middle and high school grades. Students with finish with aproximately 15-20 hours of fine arts depending on the length of project completion. 

What this course covers:

  • Why Van Gogh

    Meet Vincent Van Gogh

    The Last 70 Days

    Van Gogh’s Mediums & Techniques

    Van Gogh’s Letters

    Finding The Details in The Drawings

    The Brushstrokes: A Closer Look

    Collecting Patterns

    Pen & Ink

    Watercolors, Graphite & Chalk

    Sculpting Van Gogh

    Sketching The Face

    My Dialogue With Van Gogh

    What I Learned Through Practicing

    Inspired By Van Gogh

    Who I Admire

There is a lost art of studying the works of others to find your own style. All of the “masters” were first apprentices. The apprentice sat beside the “masters”, listening to their process, paintbrush in hand, mixing paint, creating strokes that told a story, and stirred their creative spirit.

Have you ever taken an online course, gone to a retreat, purchased an art technique book and were taught an artist’s techniques and mediums?  Have you ever been worried about what is your style and what is “their” style?  Have you ever been afraid to create art that was inspired by another artist?  This course is for you!

Join me as we become the “apprentice”. Through discussion and technique videos, I will share my studying under Vincent Van Gogh. You’ll learn who Van Gogh studied under, who influenced his work and what techniques and mediums he used.

An integral part of the artistic process was to “copy” the master artist.  In this course, you will watch as I practice using the works of Van Gogh. I will share what techniques I learned and what I learned about my own creative process.  You will then learn as I create art in my own style incorporating the techniques and/or medium of Van Gogh.

My hope is that you will leave this course with freedom in your creativity.   Freedom to pull from everything around you that inspires you and how to incorporate it into your art.  The confidence to realize that nothing is new under the sun and how to build upon others that have come before you.

In this course the videos will cover sketching, pen and ink, charcoal, painting with acrylics and oils, sculpting, pattern making and art history.

*Over 19 discussion and technique videos and over 7 hours of videos.

Grade Level: 6th grade+

Added Bonus: 1/4 high school fine arts credit

Course Begins: January 23rd, 2017


Studying under the Masters: Van Gogh An online course for adults and teens.

About the Art Teacher

Jeanne is married to her dream maker, Kelly, and the mother to three funny and creative kiddos.  She home schools her children even though she has tried to get out of it a few times.  You can often find her hiking in her state of Colorado, making creative messes in her studio and finding an excuse to have another cup of coffee.

She speaks and teaches all around the country and sometimes she even gets to cross the pond.  She was told that she needed to find that one thing but she doesn’t like listening to directions so she embraces many loves and that has given her a sweet mash up of family, art, decorating and fashion.  Connecting with women and sharing that each of us has been creatively made is one of her passions.   The Lord is showing her each day to trust in Him.

She also has created an online creative network with gorgeous online art and lifestyle classes.    She wanted to create something that would not only hold online courses but would also allow the members to connect with one another.  You will find free technique videos, free creative series and even paid for courses.  She would love for you to visit and hopefully stay awhile!

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Studying Under the Masters: Vincent Van Gogh