Thank you so much for signing up as an affiliate for Learning Well Community! We’re so excited to be partnering with you! Below you will find our current course offerings and their appropriate payout percentages. These percentages are based on how new the course is. Newer courses have a lower payout because of other payouts on the these, but are also higher popularity. 

Below you will find the current courses and selling tips

20% Payout Price $28

Nature Kids: Winter Edition. An online course to teach you how to teach nature study to your children in winter.

Payout 40% Price: $28

Payout: 20% Price: $28

Payout: 40% Price: $24

Payout: 40% Price: $24

Payout: 40% Price: $48

Payout: 40% Price: $24


Selling Tips

  • Use your email list. Send out emails when new courses are launched. Try to show how you will use these courses in your own homeschool. Organic promotion works really well with these!
  • Create urgency when a course is about to start. We usually have a registration window with our courses. The registration will open and students will have a certain amount of time before the course actually opens. People CAN still sign up after the course opens (unless otherwise stated) but if you create the urgency for them to sign up before it starts is always a better sell.
  • More tips coming soon….